Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to reuse pressure cooker gasket?

It is a common problem with the pressure cooker gaskets that it becomes expand after many use. As a result pressure leaks through the sides of the cooker and the cooker doesn't function well. Before getting a new gasket, we can just try a simple trick. Keep the gasket in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. Because of contraction, the gasket comes to the normal stage. Use the gasket immediately after taking from the freezer. The cooker will function well.
Tip: It is applicable in minor cases only. If the gasket is very old and it has become too expanded, this trick won't be worked out.

How can we keep kids' ear studs?

It is a big problem in baby girls that they always lose their ear rings/studs. Kids always touch on it and the screw becomes lose and finally it will be lost. So mothers hesitate to wear them golden ear studs. We can do one simple method to avoid it. After wearing them the ear studs, just apply some nail polish on the back side (where the screw and the stud joins). Nail polish acts as a good adhesive and it will remain for a long time and will not be damaged even after many baths. Now I have tried this idea on my kid's stud. But for more safety I check it every day. But still after a month, it is safe.